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"NYANKOUSAN" is a collection of 1,125 unique "NYANKOUSAN" NFTs.
"NYANKOUSAN"is building a project called"Super Art City"for Kawachinagano City in Japan. "NYANKOUSAN" is going to be all over the kawachinagano City, for example, on wall art all over the city, cafe, and pretty much everywhere. "NYANKOUSAN" will guide the art development of Kawachinagano City.

We will provide a creative space in Kawachinagano City, and based on the community license, if you buy the NFT Digital Art of the "NYANKOUSAN" ,you can display your purchased works there. Watch the city art grow with "NYANKOUSAN".

Please join us! To fill the whole town of Kawachinagano City with art!

Let's build a super art city in Japan with us!


1, Release the first NYANKOUSAN#0000!
Who will get their hands on the newborn NYANKOUSAN?
The name of the purchaser will ring out in the town, and soon the town will be painted.

2, GIVE AWAY #0001 to #0005 of the NYANKOUSAN Collective!
To celebrate the release of NYANKOUSAN#0000, we will be raffling off five different Lord Nyan collectives!

3, Attract NFT art to our town!
NYANKOUSAN wants to make friends with the world's most popular and famous NFT art. I'll consultation to everyone in the community about it!

4, NYANKOUSAN will release 100 different collectives at once!
More and more of him will appear in the city!

5, Open up the Creative Space Creative space is the space provided by the townspeople.
This is where you can draw whatever NFT art you want that you own.
The owner of NYANKOUSAN may be given priority.

6, If everyone supports me, I will propose to the government to participate in the Osaka Expo 2025! Let the world see your art in the city!


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